Beautifully restored old cloister in Barcelona

White cloister walls

White living room design

Pink lounger in a white living room

Cloister arch and door

White dining room

Simple and stylish bedroom design


Whoa, this is different! In the past few days my mind was heading towards America, but look at this now. I found a beautifully restored old cloister in Barcelona via Whitezine today. This ancient cloister is 500 years old, and interior designers Elina Vilá and Agnès Blanch at painstakingly restored it to its old glory. I love these arched ceilings and walls – what a beautiful place! Bold coloured home accessories and furniture put a contrast to pure white interior design too. Our kitchen/living room extension will start early next year – I am strongly leaning towards white colour scheme for our house. Mmmmm definitely possible.

Pure white interior decor – a Victorian house in London

Modern white kitchen design

White dining room with sunshine

White staircase and entrance hall

White bedroom design

White bathroom design

© photo Paul Raeside

Now and then I think about changing wall colours in our house. Especially when dark winter arrives (just right now!), the desire to make our house light and airy increases at a full speed. And guess what, I always go back to pure white. When we moved into our house 14 years ago, the entire house was decorated in white. Over the years, we painted a few walls with pastel yellow, brown, etc., but now is the time to think about re-decorating again. Yes, I am thinking about our kitchen extension in early next year too. This house featured in Living etc. magazine caught my eyes with its modern design and pure white interior decor. Especially I love the kitchen design! The island design is similar to what we are considering at the moment. Pure white can be a bit harsh depending on the style of furniture or home accessories. We need to scatter colourful accents to make a bit of contrast with white wall. I would use vintage retro style table lamps, multi coloured glassware, and funky stools to make rooms look special. Now you know how our new kitchen cum living area will look like next year.

Unusual House in Ile-de-France – Double Faced Home Design

Traditional house front (© Olivier Hallot,

From back – contemporary home decor (© Olivier Hallot,

Kitchen leading to the garden (© Olivier Hallot,

Contemporary living room (© Olivier Hallot,

Dining room on mezzanine floor (© Olivier Hallot,

Kitchen Island (© Olivier Hallot,

Love this house! This unique house with two totally different faces was designed and built by architects DESA in Paris. When we look at the front, it is a traditional stone built house, but look at it from the back garden! It is a totally different face with a modern glass extension. Do you see the bright green awnings? I think that’s the best part of this house. I also love the kitchen decor. Coloured glassware and earthenwares – a lot of pretty kitchen accessories. Living room too, it’s airy and a full of bright colours. Wish we were living in an area without planning restrictions – the house like this will definitely perk me up forever.

Home Extension in French Way

Open living space with skylights (© Olivier Hallot,

Charming sitting area (© Olivier Hallot,

Attractive sliding patio door (© Olivier Hallot,

Stylish Decking (© Olivier Hallot,

Whoa! Planning permission for our extension project has been finally granted, and now we can start thinking about specifics. This is really good news. My intention is to make our extension look a bit like the one built for this house in France. Initially we were putting an application for a contemporary pitched flat roof like this one, but apparently we needed to change it to a simple roof shape. Oh well, that’s fine, we can still make it very stylish with other things. We will definitely have sliding doors and also decking! I am very excited about the idea of connecting living room area with garden. And we’ll have skylights exactly like these ones in the first photo. Ah, so many things to dream about tonight.

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